School Health Technician

School Health Technician
Pensacola, FL, United States
Job ID : R0008057
Job ID : R0008057

City: Pensacola

State: FL

Zip: 32504

Description of Responsibilities:

The School Health Technician is responsible for providing various client related services to assist in meeting health needs of students and reducing absenteeism in the schools.

Reporting Relationship:

Nursing Supervisor, School Principal or School Designee

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt


  • Maintains neat and professional appearance.  Reports for work at designated time assigned by school principal.
  • Uses verbal and written communications to obtain specific data from the client and the family, regarding the student’s health needs.
  • Attends the student’s Health Plan development meeting and assist with the plan of care under the direction of the school guidance counselor.  Participates in school conferences and parent contacts as needed.
  • Demonstrates legal and ethical behavior within the scope of responsibilities of the School Health Tech.
  • Follows school policy and procedures affecting the health safety, and well-being of students in the school health clinic.  Reports any charges in the student’s mental, physical or environmental conditions or any incidents to the Nursing Supervisor, and the Principal or their designee.
  • Recognizes and reports signs of substance abuse, physical abuse or neglect.
  • Exhibits behavior supporting and promoting students rights.  Utilizes community contacts for additional resources.
  • Provides a clean and safe environment within the school, including the safe use of equipment.
  • Administer medication as per MD order and/or parental consent, and observes for adverse reactions.
  • Identifies appropriate methods for medication storage.
  • Obtains and records oral and axillary temperatures, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure, as well as height and weight when indicated.
  • Provides head lice screening and detection.  Also, provides written treatment instructions and clearance following treatment for return to school.
  • Assist in screening for hearing and vision impairments.
  • Administers basic and minor first aid as needed.
  • Assist with monitoring immunization records in collaboration with school officials and the Department of Health.
  • Accurately documents services provided in accordance with agency policies and procedures on the day of the services are rendered.  Upon completion of Health Master training utilizes software program for documentation.
  • Submits daily activity logs, notes and time sheets on a weekly basis.  Submits cumulative monthly reports at the end of the month.  Performs other related duties as requested.
  • Attends appropriate continuing education programs, totaling no less than twelve hours per calendar year.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Holds a High School Diploma, or has successfully completed the GED test.
  • Completion of a state approved Certified Nursing Assistant Training program. (Certification as EMT, or MA can be substituted)
  • Successful completion of a School Health Technician Competency Evaluation Program.
  • Completion of a current CPR Course.
  • Documentation of good physical condition to allow standing, bending, stretching, walking, pulling, pushing, and lifting.
  • Satisfactory clearance of a criminal background check, including fingerprinting and a pre-employment drug screen.

Physical Requirements:

  • Frequent walking, climbing stairs.
  • Repeated or prolonged standing, bending, stooping, kneeling, or crouching. 
  • Occasional rapid movement and physical agility.
  • Frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling, up to 25 lbs.
  • Occasional lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling up to 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to see and hear to monitor lights, sounds and alarms on equipment. 
  • Must have sufficient strength and manual dexterity to safely operate equipment, including grasping and manipulating small objects.
  • Must be able to discern changes in temperature or texture by touch.
  • Must be able to respond to emergency situations. This may require physical strength, agility, and ability to function under stressful circumstances.
  • Must be able to function in a wide variety of environments which may involve exposure to communicable disease, latex, or other sources of allergic response and that cannot always be controlled by the employer.

Requisition ID: R0008057

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